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Maximum Performance Foundational Belief: I learned the most powerful top line growth strategy is that my life in the Top Line Sales/Business Arena is not a process of discovery, but a continuous journey of self-creation……a continuous journey of self-achievement….a continuous journey of self-leadership. I am not discovering myself, but I am creating myself anew (over and over again)…… I seek, therefore, not to find out who I am; rather I seek to determine who I want to be!!!!!!!!

My Daily Maximum Performance Focus: With passion, enthusiasm, and inspiration, each day and every day I focused all my attention on Mastering My Top Line Maximum Performance System as an Individual Achiever and as a Leader of Others.

I Chose to: Master My Mind…Masterfully Execute My Mental and Physical Success Factors…Maximize My Results!

“I Believe in You!”

Chief Sales Officer: Top Line Maximum Performance System: Mental and Physical Success Factors

******Please take strong note of “the big picture” strategic top line Interconnectivity of all of the Success Factors with one another. Although I have numbered each of my Mental and Physical Success Factors, each Success Factor is tightly connected to every other Success Factor. Each Success Factor is interrelated to every other Success Factor….notice how I wove all the Success Factors of my sales organization into a Top Line “Big Picture Strategy”…..and please note how I wove these Success Factors together in ways that equip a Chief Sales Officer to successfully Lead a sales organization….to successfully Create a clear-cut “Strategic Competitive Advantage”….and to successfully Maximize their Top Line Revenue just as I did.

  1. With the Strong Support of Leadership of my Executive Team, I Learned to Fully Engage with a Maximum Performance Coach

  2. I, My Sales Team Managers and My Sales Pros Learned to Passionately Embrace Our Unlimited Power to Maximize Our Top Line Revenue Results.

  3. I Publicly Made a Passionate Commitment to Maximize My Own Top Line Business Performance and “To Achieve and Lead-by-Example.”

  4. I Learned to Align, Inspire and Empower my Sales Organization to Passionately Commit To “Our Strategic Big Picture Top Line Maximum Performance Mission”

  5. Uplifted Inspired and Empowered by My “Top Line Mentally Tough Belief System” My Sales Organization Learned to Continually and Confidently Maximize our Top Line Revenue.

  6. To the Delight of Leadership of my Executive Team I Learned to Cement Revenue-Producing Relationships/Alliances with Customer/Prospect Senior Management

  7. To the Delight of Leadership of my Executive Team I Learned to continually Scan and Assess our Internal and External Business Environments’ dynamic impact on My Top Line Revenue

  8. My Executive Team Leadership Viewed Me, My Sales Team Managers and Sales Pros as Proactive Trusted “Profitable Growth Partners”

  9. I Learned to Transform each of My Sales Teams into a “Publicly Acknowledged Competitive Selling Advantage” in our Marketplace.

  10. I Learned to Empower My Sales Team Managers to Lead…to Manage like Masterful Individual Business Owners

  11. I Learned to Empower Myself and My Sales Team Managers to Masterfully Solve Top Line Revenue Challenges/Problems with “Top Line Big Picture Strategic Intelligence”

  12. I Learned to Transform Myself and My Sales Team Managers into “Confidence-Building Maximum Performance Coaches.”

Perhaps you can “see”…. perhaps you can envision the same CSO: Top Line Maximum Performance System…..the same Top Line Mental and Physical Success Factors working for you…..working for your top line revenue….working for your sales organization?

My Inspiring Invitation to Your Own Top Line Maximum Revenue Results Next

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