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*Academic Arena…….After I scored below average in a standardized elementary school IQ test, the good Sisters of Charity (with the best of intentions) tried to guide me towards a Vocational Trade H.S. Instead I was determined to take a more rigorous academic path. I went on to achieve a Bachelors’ Degree in Social Studies/Education (via Athletic scholarship); a Masters Degree in Leadership in American History (via Academic scholarship); a 2nd Masters Degree in Individual, Team and Organizational Performance (via Academic scholarship.) I respectfully turned down 3 different PhD programs (all Academic scholarships) in Ed Psych, Organizational Management, and Gestalt Psychology.

*Athletic Arena…….Achieved an Athletic Scholarship (Competitive Swimming) from Manhattan College, established 3 school records and was NYMAC Champion in the 400 yd. Individual Medley. As a Head Swim Coach at Xavier H. S. won 4 New York City CHSAA Team Championships…..3 New York City PHSAA Team Championships and was selected Swim Coach of the Year in the New York Tri-State Area (NY-NJ-CT.) As Head Swim Coach at Plandome Country Club won 2 Long Island Team Championships and won 2 Area Team Championships in the Bethesda, MD League.

*Military and Business Arena…….Won and Implemented a Consulting Engagement with the U.S. Armed Forces...... coaching, teaching and mentoring Army, Navy and Marine senior officers on productivity, development and retention of junior officers.

*Business Arena…….Industry-Changing Top Line Sales Strategy…….My “C-level Smarts” sales innovations include crafting, orchestrating and closing the first Unwired Network sale in the history of television media. My innovative top line revenue contribution rewrote the selling strategy of an entire industry.

*Business Arena…….Industry-Changing Top Line Sales Strategy: Fox Prime Time Network…….Partnering with media mogul, Rupert Murdoch I led the New York Sales Team that introduced, sold and implemented a revolutionary alternative to network television, heralding the initial broadcast of Fox Prime Time Network.

*Business Arena…….Selected by an Independent Nationally-Based Public Relations Firm as a Top-Performing Senior Sales Unit Manager……….From a field of 100 senior sales managers, I was honored/acknowledged by Cox Communications for leading/managing the sales unit that generated the highest levels of revenue, profitability, talent retention and development, and client satisfaction.

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