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My Coaches had successfully sold/achieved at an elite top line level. They had successfully led/managed at an elite top line C-level.

*With their C-level Smarts they coached me to embrace the Business Thinking that enabled me to maximize my top line revenue.

*With their C-level Smarts they coached me to embrace the Business Attitudes that enabled me to maximize my top line revenue.

*With their C-level Smarts they coached me on how to execute the Top Line Critical Success Factors that enabled me to maximize my top line revenue.

My C-level Coaches are truly extraordinary men and women. They were instrumental in making powerful leadership and sales contributions to my top line career! They brought out the best in me. They inspired and empowered me to embrace a boundless sense of self-confidence….a boundless sense of self-belief….a belief in my power to grow and develop as a CSO….. a belief in my power to maximize my top line revenue!

To each and every one of them…….with great respect……with great appreciation Thank You for your coaching……Thank You for your support…..Thank You for your inspiration!

Listed alphabetically are those who made an enormous contribution to my top line growth:
Academic Arena Athletic Arena Military/ Business Arena
Russell Ackoff
Nathaniel Branden
Joseph Campbell
Russ Cancro
Robert Cathcart
William Glasser MD
Esther and Jerry Hicks
Bro. Adelbert James
Carl Jung
Martin Luther King Jr
Mike Kubin
Abraham Maslow
Norman Vincent Peale
Fritz Perls
Carl Rogers
Lila Swell
Larry Taylor
Nikola Tesla
Neal Donald Walsch
Jeffrey Wands
Geary Aherne
Steve Carlton
Doc Counsilman
Bill Gay
Bill Irwin
Phil Jackson
Vince Lombardi
Walter Lynch
Mark Messier
Bill Parcells
Pat Riley
Nolan Ryan
Jay Abraham
Amy Bergen
Ken Blanchard
Richard Bolles
Larry Bossidy
Susan Brazell
David Carfagno MD
Dale Carnegie
Ram Charan
Marty Connelly
Mark Cuban
Sheri Cushner
Jeff Davidson
Barbara DelGuidice
W. Edwards Deming
Art De Pasqua
Mike Dominick
Cal Dring
Peter Drucker
Clem Dwyer
Wayne Dyer
Albert Einstein
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Werner Erhard
Sherry Feldman
Carl Flickenger
Harvey Gamm
Dan Gasby
Larry Goldberg
Mitch Gutkowski
Gary Hamel
Mack Hannan
Arnold Hebert
Ellen Heller
Dave Herman
Paul Hershey
Steve Herson
Napolean Hill
Dave Hills
Browning Holcombe
Tom Hopkins
Steven Jobs
Laurie Keane
Richard Koch
John Kotter
Ray Kroc
Jeffrey Lant
Rich Leone
Rich Levy
Bob Lockhart
James E. Loehr
Michael Maccoby
Al Masini
Rick Meril
Doug McCormick
Larry Miller
Van Morrow
Rupert Murdoch
Paul J. Myer
Lisa Nemerson
Kevin O’ Brien
Tom Peters
Dave Plaeger
Andi Poch
Jerry Puccio
Al Reiss
Bill Riordan
Rich Roberts
Marty Rosenberg
Don Miguel Ruiz
Diane Sanchez
Chris Sehring
Nancy Seiler
Jim Shields
Randy Smith
Rich Stapleton
Jim Stein
Richard Stein
Joe Stetz
W. Clement Stone
John Suder
Jack Trout
Mike Wach
Alan Weiss
Jack Welsh
Bob Williams
Paul Wilson
Chuck Wing
John Wooden

I will now share with you some of my Unique and Different Top Line Leadership/Achievements……..achievements that my C-level Coaches deemed to be exceptional! Next

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