This is my story of TV AD Sales. See if my story inspires you with its meaningful message. Does it provide actionable insights to your top line? Do my business values and beliefs, my top line ideas and my professional character resonate with you?

Here is my story………

TV AD Sales was very unique because I had to initially compete against other TV Sales Rep firms to initially win the contractual right to represent and sell the advertising value of my TV clients’ largest and most lucrative TV stations in the biggest and most competitive media marketplace in the world – New York City.

My station clients’ CEOs and senior management were my involved and very hands-on Chief Executive Officers. They were unique and different CEOs and senior managers. In their own business careers, each had had direct, extensive and highly accountable sales and sales management experience in TV ad sales. I, as Chief Sales Officer of their top line revenue reported directly to them. They demanded as condition of contractual employment maximum achievement, maximum accountability and maximum Top Line Revenue Growth.

In order to maximize their Top Line Revenue I learned, developed and implemented my Strategic Intelligence in 7 interacting and interrelated areas:

  1. My ability to understand the Business Environment in which my Sales Organization operated
  2. My Systems Thinking: my ability to embrace interdependency, my ability to synthesize and integrate the totality of my Top Line Revenue Performance into a coherent growth story or holistic growth presentation.
  3. My ability to create a Revenue Growth Vision encompassing protection of my present revenue, achievement of my revenue targets and the creation of new revenue streams.
  4. My ability to motivate my sales forces to achieve my Revenue Growth Vision.
  5. My ability to solve and implement solutions to Revenue Performance Problems.
  6. My ability to create and develop revenue producing relationships and aliances with those who support my Growth Vision.
  7. My ability to become a “pro-active and trusted strategic revenue growth advisor” to my CEO and to my Executive Team.

My Chief Executive Officers by virtue of their direct hands-on sales and sales management experience had already developed a clear “big picture” strategic intelligent understanding of what had to be done, why (the underlying business thinking behind the what) it had to be done and how it should be done to maximize their present and future top line revenue. That was their unconditional focus. They understood all the internal and external business variables that impacted their top line revenue and demanded that I effectively address each and every one of them…….address them significantly and measurably better than any of my competitive rep firms, who were always competing for their business.

My TV clients required me to select, grow, develop and motivate elite sales and sales management talent on a continuous basis. They demanded that to be accomplished in-house by me and my sales team managers without using outside sales and management consultants. In addition my TV clients would often ask me to strategically teach, coach and develop some of their local sales and sales management talent at their TV stations. My sales teams were constantly “raided” by my own TV clients to fill local sales management positions back at their stations. Both practices strengthened my firm’s relationship with my TV clients and were great acknowledgements of the work I was doing on behalf of my TV clients.

As you might imagine in the lucrative NYC marketplace agency advertising buyers and agency senior managers were extremely knowledgeable about TV advertising and how it affects the business of their advertising clients. My station clients often made regular sales calls with my sales people to examine the relationship my sales people had with their agency buyers, always to determine...….was the relationship producing enough revenue?…..was the relationship open to new revenue opportunities?…..was it innovative and creative enough? And if not, then why not?….. And, of course, what was I as Chief Sales Officer going to do to improve it?

In addition, my station client senior management (my CEOs) personally accompanied me on sales calls to agency senior management actively examining what kind of “senior relationship” I had developed on behalf of my station clients…..they always wanted to know.…..was Joe White “wired into” senior management in the major agencies in NYC?….can Joe White uncover new revenue growth opportunities with agency senior management on our behalf?……and how does Joe White match up with his competitive counterparts in other sales rep firms?........does agency senior management see Joe White as a credible, respected and trustworthy senior manager on behalf of his station clients?

As their Chief Sales Officer my station clients expected me to be their go-to, strategic expert on the growth of their business, the growth of their competitors, the growth of their customers and on the growth of their customers’ customers. On a weekly basis I presented to them how their customers make buying decisions (our customers’ buying journey), why their customers’ buy their value, and how their TV products and services profitably solve customer problems. In addition I continuously mapped how customers viewed their major competitors, how customers made buying decisions about competitive products and services (their customers’ buying journey), why customers’ bought competitor value, and how competitive products and services profitably solve customer problems.

Top Line Accountability: On a weekly basis my station clients could exactly measure my top line revenue results. Quantifiable metrics were in place and on public display thanks to the top three major national accounting firms in the U.S. I and my station clients (and everyone else for that matter) were able to measure how effectively my sales people were hitting their revenue targets and how well they measurably increased the market share of our clients on a weekly basis. This was all public information open to all in the industry.

As their Chief Sales Officer I had to continually demonstrate a maximum revenue performance quarter after quarter in order to keep my lucrative clients under contract. If my TV clients thought I was not doing an elite job in maximizing their top line revenue they could fire me on the spot and turn to a competing sales rep firm and give them the business that once belonged to me.

Some outside of my business would describe the top line sales pressure as enormous, but I would say right along with my sales managers and sales people, that it was the way I did business in our industry. It was the way my sales organizations out performed and out delivered our competition in the biggest and most competitive advertising market in the world. Pressuring? Not really. It was exhilarating, expansive and incredibly satisfying. It was a challenging, growth-producing (personally and professionally) and often an uplifting business for all of us. I deeply appreciate my years there. It was where I actualized and maximized my Strategic Intelligence ………A Major Thank You to My TV Ad Sales CEOs and Senior Managers.

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