My Passionate Focus: I want to inspire, teach, mentor, coach and demonstrate to your Chief Sales Officers, your VPs of Sales, your Sales Directors your Sales Managers, your sales teams the unique and different and highly effective top line revenue growth strategies that I learned and executed in the TV Ad Sales Business. My CEOs hired me to protect and grow their top line revenue. My CEOs deemed my top line growth strategies to be exceptional, even award-winning in meeting their top line revenue growth expectations.

A major thank you goes out to each of my TV client CEOs, Presidents and Senior Managers for the extraordinary “professional growth” contribution they made to me while I was their Chief Sales Officer. I had the daunting responsibility to protect and grow their Top Line Revenue. They inspired my performance as their Chief Sales Officer. They were a powerful catalyst for the great revenue performance of my sales teams

My client superiors were, I believe, a very unique group of senior managers perhaps different than most. In their career climb to the C-suite level each had had extensive hands-on sales and sales management experience. Each had a highly developed sense of Strategic Intelligence. Each clearly saw and appreciated “the Big Picture” of their top line revenue. Each had a firm grasp of all the business variables that impacted their top line growth. Each had a working knowledge of how to effectively address each business variable to insure the protection and growth of their top line revenue.

In my day-to-day CSO operations my TV client senior managers were actually my powerful and demanding top line growth coaches. They were my powerful and demanding top line teachers and mentors. They guided me on my Strategic Intelligent journey of maximizing their top line revenue. And I am incredibly grateful to each and every one of them.

Perhaps a brief look at my highly competitive business environment and the Strategic Intelligent CEOs, Presidents and Senior Managers who fostered my Big Picture Top Line Business Wisdom will further amplify their contribution to me...NEXT